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Celebrating 30 Years of Education

Darnall Charter School is proud to have served students and their families in our community for over 30 years!

We opened our doors in 1993 to committed to preparing students for a successful future. Since then, our program has been the launchpad for thousands of students who have gone on to great success!

We believe in the value of diversity and are committed to building a community of confident, mindful students prepared for life in an ever-changing complex world.

We invite you to come learn more about our exceptional school. We are committed to providing your child with the academic excellence and individual attention they need to succeed.

Darnall offers students:

Outstanding Academics

Excellent Transitional Bilingual Program

FREE! Before & After School Program with the YMCA

Vibrant Music and Arts Programs

Engaging Student Activities

Our Exciting Garden Classroom Program!

As a Charter School, Darnall has the freedom to deliver unique and creative learning approaches that better serve its students.

The Darnall Difference:

Exceptional Teachers- that fill every day with the JOY and WONDER to learning.

High quality academic instruction- delivered in an engaging inclusive environment

Personalized learning opportunities- to meet each student’s unique academic needs

Opportunities to think critically and creatively- to foster each child's unique path to learning success

Social and emotional instruction and support

A safe and caring learning environment- nurtured by our exceptional campus staff

Our Academic Promise

High Quality Instruction

Darnall Charter School has developed an instructional program that provides optimal support for our students. Our students will develop skills and abilities that will prepare them for college and the workforce. Our program is built on the premise that learning occurs best in supportive learning environments that foster active engagement.

Universal Design for Learning
We continue to refine our teaching methods to remove any barriers to learning and give all students equal opportunities to succeed. We adjust instruction to every student’s strengths and needs. We are working toward offering lessons in more than one way, giving students more ways to interact with the material and to show what they’ve learned and looking for multiple ways to motivate students!

Culturally Responsive Teaching
Culturally responsive teaching is used to ensure students feel a sense of belonging. Students are more engaged in the learning process when instruction is presented in the context of their personal experience or perspective.

1:1 Technology, Instructional Technology and Resources
Darnall’s primary goal for the use of technology, is to support the learning needs of all students. Technology is another option for providing students with a means to access the curriculum.

And then, there's our AMAZING Garden Classroom!

Our Garden Classroom is a place for students to GROW!

Darnall's Garden Classroom is here to provide a space for students to

learn healthier eating habits- as they will be closely involved in growing their food from planting to harvest.

We want students to explore and investigate plants and animals in a garden ecosystem to support their learning in the classroom.

We also encourage our students to share their knowledge and harvest with our school community and families.

Most importantly, we want our school community to understand how to be good stewards of our natural environment.

At Darnall,

Parents Stay Connected. Always.

We know parents want to know EVERYTHING. Darnall teachers interact with our parents with regular updates, parent/teacher conferences, progress reports- so, parents always know how their child is doing!

We encourage all our parents to become part of the vibrant parent community!

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We are accepting applications for new students right NOW!

Darnall Charter School

6020 Hughes St., San Diego, CA 92115

Darnall Charter School is a tuition-free California public charter school.
No district transfer is required to attend.

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